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Cementing Head Features

Cementing Head Features and Internal Operations

This animation shows the internal operations of Hybrid Technology's 13 3/8" cementing heads.

Interchangeable Casing Adapters

Our interchangeable adapters enable use of a single cementing head throughout an entire drilling operation. Rather than switching out cementing heads for different-sized casings, our cementing heads have bottom adapters that can be used with almost any casing size.

SureLock ™

Hybrid Technology’s Sure Lock™ system is a breech-lock style connector that enables fast, easy, and secure interchangeability of top subs and bottom adapters on the cementing head body..

Puck Locks

Puck locks secure the components of our SureLock™ system, allowing 70,000 foot-pounds of torque through the cementing head.

Tattle Tale Activation

Hybrid Technology’s Tattle Tale indicates the passage of the plug through the cementing head and down into the casing.