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Custom Cementing Heads

We've designed and manufactured custom cementing heads for the oil and gas industry for over 25 years.


Lifting and Rotating

Hybrid Technology’s 13 and 3/8 inch cementing heads have no welded connections and support an internal sustained operating pressure of 5,000 psi, while lifting and rotating up to 500 metric tons.

Our cementing heads do not require or utilize any external manifolds; and they are designed to accept drilling fluid and cement through a single hose that connects to the swivel at the top.

Cut-Away view of a cementing head.

Faster and Simpler Cementing Operations

Self-cleaning: The drilling fluid that follows the cement removes residual cement following the cementing operation. This self-cleaning action significantly decreases maintenance time and effort required between cementing operations.


Remote Control

Our optional hydraulic remote control system is available for all cementing head lines (sub sea and land-based). The remote control system eliminates the need for manual plug or dart release.

Every cementing head is designed to satisfy customer-specific requirements.

Interchangeable Casing Adapters


Our interchangeable adapters enable use of a single cementing head throughout an entire drilling operation. Rather than switching out cementing heads for different-sized casings, our cementing heads have bottom adapters that can be used with almost any casing size.

Our 13 3/8 cementing head can utilize bottom adapters down to 7 inches; and virtually any custom-sized adapter.

When switching cementing operations to a smaller casing, you only need to switch (1) the internal cage and (2) the bottom adapter. There is no need to remove the cementing head from the string.

Our top adapters connect with either rotating or non-rotating rig setups.

Sure Lock™


Hybrid Technology’s Sure Lock™ system is a breech-lock style connector that enables fast, easy, and secure interchangeability of top subs and bottom adapters on the cementing head body.

The Sure Lock™ system makes it possible to quickly and easily switch your cementing operations to work with smaller diameter casings without the need to remove the cementing head from the string. With only a quick insertion into the cementing head body and 45-degree turn, the components lock into position. 

The interlocking ridges are tested and certified to support 500 metric tons of casing.


Elegant Design and Simple Operation

Puck Locks

Puck locks secure the components of our SureLock™ system, allowing 70,000 foot-pounds of torque through the cementing head.

Tattle Tale Activation

Hybrid Technology’s Tattle Tale indicates the passage of the plug through the cementing head and down into the casing.