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Training Video Index

Cement Head Assembly
Shows how to assemble the 9 5/8 Lifting Cement Head With Remote by Hybrid Technology

Swivel Maintenance
How to perform swivel maintenance on the 9 5/8 lifting cementing head with hydraulic remote control 

Swivel Assembly
Swivel Assembly Instructions

Hydraulic Remote Control Operation
How to operate the remote control unit

Ball Dropper Assembly
How to assemble the Ball Dropper

Sure Lock System Introduction
Introduction to The Sure Lock System

Tattle Tail and Dart Cage Introduction
Introduction to Tattle Tail and Dart Cage

Lever Tattle Tail Assembly
Tattle Tail assembly

Cam Lock Operation
How to fasten the cementing head Cam Lock

Lifting the Body from a Cementing Head
This video demonstrates the body being lifted from a cementing head

Rotating the Body to Unlock
Shows cement head body being unlocked

Hydraulic Pin Puller
Shows the hydraulic pin puller in action